Friday, March 2, 2007


I learned this tool from one the greatest mentors in this world. This will change your life. I've been doing this for about two days now and i can see the difference in me already. When you go to bed at nite. I should say when you are lying on your pillow feeling sleepy visualize your goal and feel it at the same time. You have to be in the vision, This is good because you just gave you subconscious mind something to work with for the whole nite. (You do know that your subconscious mind doesnt sleep).The universe will rearrange itself and manifest, then practice this when you wake up in the morning (meditate or relax) and visualize and feel your goal and then do it again during mid day. If time doesnt allow you, then the night is the most important of all cause your body and mind is at ease. Try this and give me feedback. Now when i walk down the street i see my goal. My goal is a part of me now. I'm happy. One more thing when you are visualizing your goal it is important to feel it like you already there. Visualizing alone cant do you have to feel it.
And whatever is going on in your life stop worrying please i mean this. When you worry you create more of it. Put everything aside and focus on your goal. You can not create or manifest when you are worrying .Peace and Blessings.

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