Wednesday, March 7, 2007

How is Your Manifestation?

I'm so happy today as i'm writing this blog. Yesterday i wanted to manifest a friend of mine to take somewhere. So i asked the universe and guess what the law of attraction went straight to work within few hours my friend appeared and we went to the place i wanted to go. I no longer worry about things i take one step at a time. I'm calm more than i've ever been in my whole life. I asked the u niverse for something else today. I will tell you about it tomorrow. I'm happy knowing that the Universe hears me and deliver my wishes. You can try this yourself. Start with something small then go to bigger things. Relax and trust me the universe will delivered. Thank you so much the Universe. I am a true believer. I am so happy and grateful the universe hears me and deliver. I have faith do you?Peace and Blessings

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